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There are tons of reasons to work out from homes, such as eliminating drive time and long waits to use gym equipment. Also, you have the freedom to exercise at any time of the day or night. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best power racks you can find on the market today so you can get all those perks and more.

While working out in your own home is great, it often means that you’re losing out on a wide variety of strength equipment that is available at your gym. But with the power racks on our review list, you’ll have an easy time engaging in all those exercises you do at the local club.

Make this the year that you finally start to build your perfect gym at home, starting with the absolute best investment you can make – a power rack or power cages. Read on to find out all you need to know about these invaluable pieces of gym equipment so you can choose the right one for your specific needs.

10 Best Power Racks: At A Glance

Name of Product
Editor's Rating
1. CAP Barbell Power-Rack Exercise Stand
2. Fitness Reality 810XLT Super-Max Power Cage
3. HulkFit 1000lb-Capacity Adjustable Power Cage
4. Fitness Reality X-Class Power Cage
5. Titan T-2 Series Power Rack
6. TDS Power Rack or Squat Cage
7. Valor Fitness Power Rack BD-7
8. Titan Fitness T3-Series Power Rack
9. Merax Athletics Power Rack
10. Body Champ PBC530 Power Rack

To help you get started, we have rounded up ten of the most popular home power racks you’ll find out there.

Top 10 Best Power Racks Reviews:

1. CAP Barbell Power-Rack Exercise Stand


This power rack makes it to the top of our list for a very good reason. Well, plenty of good reasons, actually. First of all, this is a stellar piece of strength training equipment for serious weight lifters. It’s designed for heavy use, and it’s made from 12-gauge steel that is capable of withstanding even the most grueling of workouts.

There’s no longer a need to have a spotter thanks to this rack’s J-cup catches with an incredible weight capacity of over 500lbs. Now you’ll be able to easily and quickly build upper body mass in the comfort of your own home using the pull-up bar that has a maximum weight capacity of 750lbs. The built-in bar together with the weight storage features of this power rack allows you to conveniently store your weights and barbell.

This is undoubtedly one of the best power racks for the money you’ll find anywhere. The double-gusseted upright beams provide extra stability and security, which means you’ll be able to lift the heaviest weights without compromising your safety or the safety of anyone around you.

You can perform bench presses, chin-ups, pull-ups, overhead presses, shrugs, squats, and a whole lot more. If you’re searching for the best of the best in the power rack field, this is definitely one you should seriously consider.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a 30-day manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Reliable construction of CAP Power rack and squat stand
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Durable, powder-coated finish to prevent scratches
  • Built-in bar and convenient weight storage feature

2. Fitness Reality 810XLT Super-Max Power Cage


This offering from Fitness Reality is one that will be a great addition to any home gym. You won’t have to dig for workout inspiration once this baby is in your garage. With a weight capacity of over 800lb, you’ll be able to use this power cage no matter what size you grow to.

The company that manufactures this product prides itself on producing effective workout machines that give real people real results. The tubular frame of this cage is made from durable 2 x 2-inch steel that will provide stability and safety for as long as you use this rack. Designed with a huge walk-in space, this amazing piece of machinery provides easy side-to-side movement.

It includes two chrome dual-mounted safety bars as well as lock-on safety features also made of chrome. Each bar pair is adjustable to 19 levels of height so you can have a full range of various workout positions.

By combining this power rack with the weight bench from the same manufacturer, you’ll be able to extend your workout routines to more than 20 different exercises. With such a combination, there’ll be nothing standing in the way of achieving maximum results that will transform your body.

Highlighted Features:

  • Impressive 800lb weight capacity
  • Large walk-in space for easy side-to-side movement
  • Two rear stabilizer bars for added safety
  • 2 x 2-inch square frame for durability
  • 19 adjustable height stages

3. HulkFit 1000lb-Capacity Adjustable Power Cage


As you already know, there are numerous benefits to power racks. But this product from HulkFit totally changes the way you view your machine. You get a safe workout thanks to the total elimination of any risk of falling weights as a result of accidents or failures. The bar catches on the rack’s side pegs serve to keep you from harm in such an instance.

All you need to focus on is having a great workout without worrying about possibly getting maimed if you fail to lift a weight. Another amazing feature of this power rack is that it allows you to lift more than the weight you’re normally used to thanks to the full-range equipment.

Great for building up strength in your upper body and the middle or lower muscles, the HulkFit power cage targets specific muscles and allows you to achieve your workout goals in a quicker and far more effective way. This is particularly useful when it comes to the muscles responsible for strengthening your back as well as spine stabilization so you can always perform at your maximum potential.

The capacity of 1000lb and the heavy-duty square steel construction of the frame makes this undoubtedly the best power rack bodybuilding men and women can use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Massive 1,000lb weight capacity
  • Option for Lat Pull-down attachment
  • Comes with 4 J-hooks included
  • Also includes two dip bars
  • H-shape construction from heavy-duty steel for safety and stability

4. Fitness Reality X-Class Power Cage


This is the second offering on our list from this well-known fitness brand. Unlike the 810XLT, this one has a serious weight capacity of 1,500lbs! You can perform over 24 exercises on this rack, and the heavy-duty tubular steel used to construct the frame ensures stability during your workouts. This rack is designed in such a way that your safety during its use is guaranteed.

This is a superb feature that gives you the peace of mind to push past your boundaries knowing that you’re safe and well-protected in case you lose control of your weight. The shape of the design allows for lots of space within the cage for wider stance squats and easy movement from side to side. You can even use an additional spotter as an added precaution.

The multi-grip pull-up bars afford you multiple hand positions that enhance your back, arm, and shoulder muscles. In addition to all this, the Fitness Reality X Class power rack comes with Lat Pull-down and Low-row cable attachments that make it easy to use this workout equipment to strengthen your upper back muscles.

With this machine, you’ll be able to get the perfect workout to build your strength to any level. If you’re searching for the best fitness power rack, this could very well be it!

Highlighted Features:

  • 1,500lb weight capacity for serious lifters
  • Comes with bonus J-hook pair
  • Multi-grip pull-up and chin-up bars
  • Two adjustable dip handles and two safety bars included
  • Lat pull-down, low-row cable attachment

5. Titan T-2 Series Power Rack


This product from the Titan T-2 series is a short power rack that is designed to help you complete your workouts efficiently and safely. You can do squats, bench presses, military presses, shrugs, curls, dips, and a whole lot more on this machine. If you’re in the market for a safe, effective, and affordable power rack, then look no further.

This is one that offers all the benefits with fewer drawbacks such as the height issue that most people face when trying to set up their gym equipment in their homes. This product was made specifically with low-ceiling rooms in mind.

It’s ideal even for ceilings as low as 6 feet. It has a wide walk-in space that offers you a lot easy, comfortable side to side movement when engaging in various total body exercises. Furthermore, this rack offers up to 21 positions which help to accommodate different exercises and varying heights.

The package also includes a pair of official J-hooks from the Titan brand. If you’re looking for a power rack that can fit in a smaller space, this is one you should consider. Most people who review best power racks say that this is one of the best options for smaller spaces.

Highlighted Features:

  • Real weight capacity of 700lbs
  • Comes with a pair of 1-inch round steel J-hooks
  • Durable, stable frame made from 2 x 2-inch tubular steel
  • 1 ¼-inch chin-up bar
  • Short height ideal for lower ceilings

6. TDS Power Rack or Squat Cage


This power rack is made using 11-gauge tubular steel construction for the ultimate in stability and safety. With a 1,000lb weight capacity, this workout machine is ideal for serious weight lifters who value safety during their sessions. It’s designed to allow you to add a wide variety of attachments from plate holders and dip bars to jumbo hooks and a lot of other attachments.

The machine is great for squats, inclines, bench presses, seated military presses, standing military presses, shrugs, and various other types of exercises. It’s important to note that the Olympic bar and the weights are not included in the package, and you’re going to have to get those separately.

However, the J-hooks and safety bars made from solid steel are included as well as a professionally knurled 1 1/8-inch diameter front chinning bar. Having said that, if you’re searching for the absolute best budget power racks, this is one you should look at. You can convert this into a full home gym using various attachments. All in all, you get a lot of great value for a very affordable price.

Highlighted Features:

  • Affordable, great value for money
  • Solid construction from a reliable, trusted brand
  • 31 holes set 2 inches apart numbered for adjustment
  • Designed for efficient and safe lifting and includes two steel safety bars
  • Allows for the addition of a wide variety of attachments

7. Valor Fitness Power Rack BD-7


This power rack has a lat pull as well as a pull-up station and is constructed from highly durable 12-gauge 2 x 2-inch tubular steel. You have an in-cage working area of about 23.5 inches from the front to the back and 43.5 inches side to side. This is enough room for you to be able to maneuver throughout your workout sessions no matter what type of exercise you’re doing.

You get four plate storage pegs with this system that you can use at the back of the unit, and also two on each of the sides which allows for the storage of standard size plates. You’re also able to accommodate Olympic plates just as easily if you want to. If you’re searching for the top-rated power racks on the market right now, this is definitely one of them.

The solid steel construction has knurled grips on either end, which makes it super easy to use. There’s a pull-up station right at the top of the rack, and a lat pull-down station that has a pulley extension that is adjustable. With a weight capacity of 500lb, this is the best power rack under 1000 pounds that you’ll get for the money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes chin-up bar and lat pull attachment
  • Durable, stable 2 x 2-inch tubular steel frame
  • 4 plate-storage pegs included
  • 17 different position levels
  • Pull-up station has knurled grips for safe use

8. Titan Fitness T3-Series Power Rack


The Titan brand continues to amaze and delight their fans. This is yet another offering from this popular manufacturer designed to help those who are looking to improve their physique in the safest and most efficient way. Without proper workout equipment, you cannot hope to achieve any of your fitness goals. And that’s where Titan workout machines like this one come in.

This premium piece of gym machinery will have you working out like a professional bodybuilder while you’re at your own house. In fact, this company promises that you’ll be looking like one, too as long as you use their machines for your weight lifting exercises.

The foldable lifting cage was designed by a group of individuals who are weight lifters themselves and therefore know exactly what it takes for anyone of any skill level to get the most out of their workouts.

With two rails supports to catch the weights in case of your muscles failing you, this machine acts as your very own mechanical spotter and it allows you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re protected and safe at all times during your workout.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy installation and use
  • Comes with 4 J-hooks included
  • 2 x 3 tubular steel construction for stability and durability
  • Powder-coated in a sleek black finish that complements other equipment
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind

9. Merax Athletics Power Rack


With the Merax athletic power rack, you’re now able to do your bench presses, deadlifts, and all your other favorite workout exercises right in your home. No need to go to the local club just to take your weight lifting to the next level. This machine is perfect for both home gyms and for commercial use. It’s designed to offer the ultimate in workout versatility while keeping you safe and protected at all times.

You can train a variety of muscle groups in a single workout session to help fast-track the results you want to achieve with your body. There are over 24 strength training exercise options that you get with this system. This means that you’ll be able to move from whatever fitness level you are right now to the one that you desire without having to add any other machine to your workout gym.

This has everything you need to work out each and every part of your body effectively and efficiently. If you’re searching for a power rack that can do it all in one, this is one of the best ones that you need to take a look at.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-grip pull-up bars for use of multiple hand positions
  • 800lb maximum weight capacity
  • 24 different options for strength exercises
  • Comes with lat pull-down cable extension
  • Steel chrome pull-up bar has knurled grips for easy use

10. Body Champ PBC530 Power Rack System with Olympic Weight Plate Storage


Your home gym will not be complete without this addition from Body Champ. This system comes with two convenient built-in holders for the storage of Olympic weight plates. It also has a dual purpose bar overhead for those essential upper body workouts. It boasts a U-shaped design which makes the frame more stable.

The joined single-piece construction helps to improve the overall stability of the structure while the reinforced weld points keep the power rack from wobbling during use. This is a system that will undoubtedly enhance your fitness regimen no matter where you currently are on the fitness scale right now.

If you pair this impressive piece of workout equipment with a weight bench and weight sets which are both sold separately, you will have a complete workout station right in your home. This package comes with two pairs of tiered peg hook catches that are easy to adjust so you can stay safe and protected during all your weight lifting sessions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gives a boost to your existing home gym equipment
  • 12 different position settings to give variable training
  • Comes with 4 rubberized feet to prevent skids during use
  • Two in-built Olympic-weight plate holders for convenient storage
  • Accommodates both 6 and 7-inch weight set bars
  • Includes a one-year limited warranty

Buying Guide: Things To Consider When Buying A Power Rack

When buying a power rack, you don’t want to just go with the first (or cheapest) one you see. This is a piece of equipment that will serve you for a lifetime, with proper care. So you want to take your time to ensure that you choose from among the best power racks on the market right now. Listed below are some of the factors you need to consider before buying your power rack:

  1. Consider Your Space

Do you have enough room for your power rack? This type of equipment takes up quite a bit of space and you need to ensure that you also have enough room to use it comfortably and maneuver safely around the power rack so you can use it to its full extent.

In addition to considering the length and width, you should also think about the height of the power rack – particularly if your chosen power rack comes with pull up bars for chin-ups and pull-ups. Make sure you leave ample room on the sides to be able to manipulate the plates and consider any future accessories like weights and barbells you may decide to purchase.

  1. Required Accessories

When buying your power rack, first make sure that it comes with everything you need to make use of it efficiently. Over time, you’ll need to buy additional accessories in order to build up your complete home gym, and you need to ensure that you can easily find the ones to fit the machine that you’ve got your eye on.

A lot of manufacturers are including innovative add-ons that significantly increase the types of exercises you can do on the machine. So take the time to be sure that you’re getting everything that you want from your chosen power rack.

  1. Power Rack Size

Sizes of power racks vary widely since people have so many different preferences. In order to choose the right one for you, consider your lifting regimen or that of the other people who will be using your gym equipment.

Make sure your machine has the strength and durability to hold the weight you’ll be exerting on it from both the accessories and the people using them. It’s alright to opt for a cage that is a bit narrower, depending on your budget, but doesn’t let it be the main determining factor for height as this can greatly affect the functionality of your machine.

  1. Floor Anchoring

In terms of safety, you need to ensure that your power rack doesn’t move around a lot when you’re doing your exercises. This means that you may want to securely anchor the equipment to the floor. However, not all power racks come with the features for that, so you need to check before you buy a specific model.

  1. Ease of Use

How easy is it to use or adjust your chosen power rack? This is yet another important factor to look at before making your choice. A lot of the pricier racks have loads of adjustments which make them easier and more comfortable for you to use. They also come with safety-net systems that use pins and other adjustments, so check properly prior to investing in one.

  1. Stabilizer

Does the power rack you want to get come with a stabilizer included? While some people may prefer it, it’s not really something we’d recommend because it usually gets in the way a lot more often than it helps. A better alternative is to have something that you can anchor onto the floor.

If you absolutely must get a power rack with a stabilizer included, make sure it lays flat on the floor and does not get in your way as you do your lifts.

Benefits of Having A Power Rack

There is a vast number of amazing health benefits that come with getting your own power rack for home use. But there are also advantages of getting this type of gym equipment over many other types. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for power racks over other pieces of workout equipment.

Full-body workout – With a power rack, you’re able to get into a regime that works all the parts of your body in tandem. This is where a lot of other equipment fails to impress. It’s a known fact that no other gym equipment gives you the type of results that the best power racks can.

High Versatility and flexibility – Contrary to what a lot of people think, a power rack isn’t just useful for a few specific exercises. You can use these versatile pieces of equipment for a vast range of bodybuilding and toning exercises. You can even use your power rack to enhance your CrossFit training. You can squat, bench, chin-up, dip, and a whole plethora of other exercises designed to help you build strength.

Here are some of the different types of exercises that you can do on your power rack:

  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Bench presses
  • Shrugs
  • Overhead presses
  • Rack Pulls
  • Dips
  • Knee/leg raises
  • Rows
  • Pull-ups/chin-ups
  • Curls
  • And a whole lot more!

Safe Solo Training – The power rack is every weightlifter’s best friend. If you’re still not convinced, then consider the fact that a power rack allows you to train on your own in a totally safe environment. You don’t need to always have a spotter bro to complete your workouts.

This is very convenient, but it’s also something you won’t get with most other equipment of this nature. This is one of the main reasons why power racks are an integral part of your training.

Various Adjustments – You’re able to adjust the power rack safety pins so they’re just below your full motion range so that if you miss a lift, the pins will catch the weight. This is yet another excellent reason why power racks are vastly superior to other types of gym equipment, and why they are the preferred choice in both home gyms and commercial gyms.

With power racks, you’re also able to work with much heavier weights than you’d normally be able to work with otherwise. This means that a power rack can help you achieve your workout goals a lot quicker and more effectively.

Great for HeavyPartials – With a power rack, you’re able to build up strength while testing heavier weights during your workout sessions. No other gym machine is so perfect for heavy partials. Power racks are also ideal for functional isometrics.

All in all, this type of workout equipment is a very effective exercise machine that’s elegant in its simplicity while being flexible enough to help you work out safely and efficiently.


Disadvantages of A Power Rack

As you’ve seen, a power rack comes with a wealth of features that make it an essential addition to any serious weight lifter. But, as with most things in life, it comes with some drawbacks as well. For instance, it requires quite a bit of space and if you don’t have adequate room for your power rack, you lose out on a lot of the benefits. Also, the best power racks for home gym use can be somewhat costly.

It basically depends on the sort of bells and whistles that you want on it, but if you’re making an investment into something that’s going to last a lifetime, then you need to be prepared to pay for what you get.

Another disadvantage of power racks is that if you’re unable to lift a standard 45-pound Olympic barbell, you’re not likely to be able to use your power rack. Some power racks also need to be attached to the floor, and this is something that might not be possible in some homes.

So, to summarize, here are the main disadvantages of power racks:

  • Require lots of space
  • High-quality ones can be costly
  • You need to be strong enough to use them
  • May need to be attached to the floor

How To Use A Power Rack Properly

If it’s your first time using this piece of workout equipment, don’t be intimidated. It’s a lot easier than you’d think to get the hang of it. With a power rack, you’ll be able to train hard while staying safe. Depending on your choice of machine, you can use your power rack with a barbell for the bench press and squats with or without a spotter.

A power cage has four beams that are upright and extend between 5 and 7 feet high. They may go higher to fit bars for exercises such as pull-ups, but you just require it to be high enough at least for doing squats. The other horizontal beams support the four vertical ones while fixing the rack to the ground.

Holes are drilled in the upright beams to allow for saddles that rest at different heights and bars that go across the various heights. The saddles hold your barbells and you can move them to the exact spot that’s comfortable for you before starting your exercise session.

Always begin near the very top of your range of motion. The bars will catch your barbell just below where the bottom of your range of motion is located.

Top 5 Power Rack Exercises

  1. Bench Press

If you like bench pressing heavy weights, then you’re already familiar with the issue of having to use spotters. Although this isn’t necessarily a big problem, a power rack lets you adjust the safety bar to protect you in case you lose control of the barbell.

  1. Squats

Power racks are essentially squat racks, and you’ll be able to do squats effectively. By using a power rack, you eliminate the issue of being stuck right at the bottom just because you don’t have the strength to get back up after squatting a barbell. This also eliminates the need for a spotter since you can adjust the safety bar.

  1. Dips

The best power racks are stable enough to balance your whole weight as you execute your dips. Dips are among the best exercises you can do on your power rack. They are great for your triceps, shoulders, and chest. Depending on the choice you make, your power rack will likely come with a dip station, although this isn’t always the case.

  1. Chin-ups and Pull-ups

These are two exercises that are pretty straightforward and don’t require additional equipment. When you first start working out, chin-ups and pull-ups are a nightmare, but that’s only because they are extremely powerful body exercises. A power rack allows you to perform these easily and effectively using a single bar.

  1. Military Press

This exercise is great for boosting your shoulder strength, and a power rack is the perfect piece of equipment for performing it. Picking the barbell up and putting it down is very hard, and safety should be the main focus when doing military presses.

Luckily, that’s exactly what a power rack offers. All you need to do is place your safety bar at the height that’s comfortable for you and you can then complete your workout with the confidence of knowing you’re protected if you lose control.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Power Racks

Q-1: What muscles does a power rack work?

  • A power rack lets you work your glutes, calves, hamstrings, and your lower back muscles. However, most of the effects will be in your quadriceps. The muscles in your thigh have specific mechanisms to operate and extend the legs and they benefit greatly from the use of a power rack.

Q-2: How heavy is a power rack bar?

  • You’re going to see, on average, the standard Olympic size of a length of about 7,2ft and a weight of 45 pounds. The bars you’ll find on the market can range between 4 and 8ft. Keep in mind that the shorter bars will work better for guys and gals with less width, but if you can try to opt for a longer size.

Q-3: How much should you lift to gain more muscle?

  • This is highly dependent on your size and your capabilities. If you’re not feeling a challenge in your workout, then you’re not likely to build any muscle. Without subscribing to the ‘no pain no gain’ philosophy, we’d advise you to push yourself a little past what you know you can do during your workouts. That’s how you gain muscle.
  • When you start feeling the air leaving your lungs, or veins popping from your skin, then you’re overdoing it. At that point, the risks of damaging your body will probably outweigh any benefits you may get.

Q-4: What’s the optimal number of times to lift each week?

  • This is a subjective matter, and no one answer will be good enough for everyone. As with almost all other health-related topics, the number of times a week that you need to lift to start seeing results is going to depend a lot on certain individual factors such as age, overall health condition, eating the right diet, getting enough sleep, whatever supplements you’re taking, and so on.
  • If you’re getting most of these things right, then about three times a week seems an adequate number to get you to your fitness goals while giving your muscles time to heal.

Q-5: Should you increase your weights often?

  • This is something that you need to pay attention to when you start working out with your power rack. It’s all too easy to put your body into what’s known as progressive overload. This is where you put your body under too much stress by increasing your weights too fast. This is dangerous and can throw the electrolytes in your body out of whack.
  • The best way to avoid this is to increase your weights slowly over time. As you build muscle, you’ll obviously be able to take on more weight. So when you find that you’re effortlessly lifting the weights and getting no resistance, you know it’s time to switch it up otherwise, you’ll basically just be wasting your time with such a workout.

Final Verdict

The bottom line is that getting the right power rack for your needs doesn’t have to be a hard process. Simply use our handy buying guide to help you determine exactly what type of rack you need and then make your choice from our review list of the 10 best power racks on the market right now.

Just remember that while the price is an important consideration, you also want to make your choice based on durability, safety, and various other factors that will ensure that you get a lifetime of effective use from your investment.

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